Boom Lift Hire

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a type of aerial work platform, or elevated work platform (EWP) used by people to reach and access high places. Boom lifts have different names including cherry picker, man lift, elevated work platform, EWP, basket crane, bucket lift, and bucket crane.

A boom lift is made up of a platform, or a bucket and a long articulating crane, that is run by a hydraulic lifting system. The crane is attached to the bucket at one end and a ground base at the bottom end. Sometimes boom lift’s and EWP’s are mounted on a truck or van, while the bucket is designed to safely allow one or two people to work at heights. 

There are many different kinds of elevate work platforms and lifts, however the boom lift works especially well for hard to reach areas. There are also boom lifts and cherry pickers that specialize in different applications.

A boom lift can be used in many different industries in everyday life. Firefighters use boom lifts and cherry pickers on the back of their fire trucks instead of ladders. They are much quicker to set up and more efficient in an emergency. Other businesses use a boom lift for things like window cleaning, construction, foresting, mining, painting, electrical and cable repair, and even gardening! Some highly manicured gardens require their manicurist to use a boom lift to trim and shape garden trees. Boom lifts are even used in the film and movie industry. They are used to suspend large lights over stages and settings, and also used by directors to get a birds eye view of the stage and setting.

Boom Lift Use and Safety

In most countries, boom lift operators are required to be licensed. Without the right ticket or certification, you are not legally allowed to use a boom lift. This is because boom lifts are heavy, and potentially dangerous machines if not used correctly. A code of safety is the most important part of operating a boom lift, as they are usually used around other people and serious injuries can result from improper use.

Always inspect the boom lift you are about to use before use. Inspect the hydraulic hoses, the bucket and the work platform for signs of wear and tear, and for leaks. If your boom lift is attached to a truck, check the air pressure in the tires.

Always start the boom lift with no people in the bucket. Operate the switch panel from the ground and check that all functions are working correctly.

Always use the proper boom lift safety equipment and safety harnesses. If you are in the boom lift bucket, always latch your safety harness to the proper safety attachment in the basket.

Examine your space and the surrounding areas, check for loose or steep ground and other obstacles. Always check for any hazards and steer clear of power lines and overhead hazards like bridges and beams.

When moving your boom lift, direct it to your desired target area, making sure you stay away from any hazards along the way. Adjust the height and angles of the boom arm appropriately. If you’re working in a restricted or confined space, keep your arms and limbs inside the bucket, and make sure you manoeuvre the boom lift out the same way you moved in.

Perform the work required and lower the boom lift to its locked position. Bring the arms low enough to the point where you can safely exit the basket. Shut down the boom lift at the ground.

If you need to hire a boom lift or cherry picker, give us a call today. We service Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between. Steve is a highly experienced boom lift and cherry picker operator and can help you get the job done on time and on budget.

Quick Lift Qld Pty Ltd provides a fully qualified licensed operator with every Cherry Picker Hire / EWP Hire. Any Cherry Picker that has a capacity over 11m requires a fully certified operator to manage the machine under all circumstances. Each job Quick Lift Qld Pty Ltd will provide a set of safety harnesses, witches hats, safety signs and tool buckets to assist you with your works.

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