Cherry Pickers VS. Boom Lifts: What’s the difference?  

Here at Quick Lift QLD, our aerial lifts are cost effective solutions to scaffolding. However, there is no universal lift for all tasks. There are several types of Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) you can hire such as cherry pickers and boom lifts. The job, location, height, and other factors will determine whether you will need a cherry picker or a boom lift. 

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Uses for a cherry picker or boom lift

Cherry pickers and boom lifts are incredibly versatile Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and are essential on any work site. 

Here at Quick Lift QLD in Brisbane, we have cherry pickerreadily available as there is always a high demand for this versatile piece of equipment. These EWPs offer safety and security when working at heights and are a far more effective alternative compared to scaffolding. Cherry pickers and boom lifts are easily set up and are quick to move around a worksite. Hiring an EWP will not only save you money, but time to get a job done accurately and safely

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